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Mission/Vision Statement

  • to provide an opportunity for religious leaders from the United States and around the world to receive advanced training for a Ph.D. and a M.A. in Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy, integrating knowledge of counseling theory and knowledge of spirituality and religion with high level clinical skills in a challenging and supportive environment;
  • to offer counseling which is high quality, spiritually oriented and affordable in a non-threatening setting as a service to persons, religious organizations/churches and communities in Southern California;
  • to provide educational and outreach programs offering growth in God-centered, spiritual living to a wide variety of persons and community groups, thereby strengthening the wholeness and quality of life of this Southwest region;
  • to reach out in a multiethnic, multicultural context, focused especially on the Pacific basin and Hispanic America, to explore both theoretical and practical applications of pastoral counseling in a global perspective and to produce written materials appropriate to modern cultural diversity.