There is not only loss: learning from the principle of conservation – by Byungil Kim

I was a physics major in college. I struggled with challenging courses such as quantum mechanics, electromagnetics, classical dynamics and thermal dynamics. The memory of racking my brain to understand series of theorems and principles in the university library is still fresh. Two decades have passed since I graduated from that university and I still remember the most universal principle...[ read more ]

Breathing the same oxygen molecules Jesus and Buddha breathed – by Byungil Kim

  Many years ago, Dr. Jaesool Kwon, a professor of physics at the Korea National University of Education, introduced a compelling idea which he called “the mystery of the Avogadro number.” He began his essay by urging his readers to visualize one of their favorite saints or deities, such as Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad. Then he asked, “Could it be...[ read more ]

Self-Doubt – By Wesley Taotua

  I can’t do it, I’m not good enough, what will people think of me, I’m too old, it’s too hard. Could you imagine what life would be like if individuals such as Einstein, Edison, Bell, Wright Brothers, Gates and many others had given up because of Self-doubt. Although we are witnesses to the enormous impact of these individuals, we...[ read more ]

Thriving during Covid-Life – by Katherine Hunter

Nothing is normal. Everything is changing so fast. Confusion and conflicting reports are everywhere. “2020” has become the catch phrase for chaos and the explanation for whatever is weirdness comes our way. Life feels both on pause and fast-forward at the same time and feeling edgy has become the new normal. Covid-Life. While pandemics are a regular occurrence in history,...[ read more ]

O God, help my indulgence! – by K. Samuel Lee

A New Website Is Launched! May 17, 2020 K. Samuel Lee, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist Executive Director [I am excited that The Clinebell Institute’s new website has been launched. Some web pages are still under construction. They should be operational soon. I hope we can provide helpful information for healthier living through our website.] Our website is launched during the COVID-19...[ read more ]

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